Years in the Ash

The scribbler image

The old year shrivels like a dog-eared calendar in the ash, Days fuse into dust, hope into hungry tinder, in the ash. For a decade of scribbling my heart out on Internet, The façade has imploded in all its splendour in the ash. The nights tend to crawl with the frozen limbs of the timer, […]

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A Leaf by The Nightfall

A leaf by the nightfall

Fallen by the wayside like a sheaf by the nightfall, The sea of love has withered on the reef by the nightfall. Happiness will travel only one way with her footsteps, The dust will settle deep like a grief by the nightfall. A moment wriggled free from the canopy of memories to be trampled by […]

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Only the Crows

'Only the crows' image

Derrick J. Night, who writes everyday about his incredibly plenteous garden, weaves subtle symbols and imagery in the titles and subjects of his photo-filled posts. Yesterday, I was struck by the title of his post, ‘Only the Crows‘, the moment I saw it. It had such a poetic ring about it, I couldn’t restrain myself […]

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Burning Monsters

They are burning effigies, it’s that time of the season, Ones in flesh and bones are hatching crimes of the season. Bandits from the barrens decree beheading of the infidel, And savour blinkered women over the wine of the season. Mourners of the butchered light up candles in memoriam, You who forgive the monsters, are […]

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My Aunt’s Lollipops

Such divinations were planted in my ears by my aunt who died on a cloudy day, spelling out the mantra for absolute cheers by watching out the omens sent my way. Cruising for success never comes by stepping on the broom as you step forth, setting your eyes on a lone magpie, stumbling upon the […]

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The Aroma of Darkness

There are many veils to fog the view, Many mists that came with myopia to hug me at the brink of boyhood, upend a limpid utopia. To a lad with concaved countenance, came a blaze following the smoke, a kinsman dubbed as astigmia to lend the next layer to the cloak. In the deepening ink […]

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I Knew I Shall Weep

Where walkways were fragrant with you, I shall weep, It was not till I left your city, I knew I shall weep. Affinity is at discount in the market of subsistence; There are thousands in the meandering queue, I shall weep. My longing is an iceberg entombed under the desert, Count not on cactus, drops […]

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