The Forgotten Barbecue

It has come upon me
once more, this month of
interrogations, the rat race
to the roads I never thought
I’d take.

Behind me and beyond
the misty miles, lie the
much-dreamt meadows
that will never be my home now.

They beckon me yet again
like the foliage of a mirage
waiving at a lost traveller;
like a ghost castle calling
to the fold the return of the
ghost feet.

Bereft of longing
I am rising in the air.
The flame that once was
is now the shade of mildew,
burnt, charred, overdone
like a forgotten barbecue.


  1. Visiting your page after very very long
    Loved the piece which is as mesmerising as always
    The last stanza a very vivid description of underlying sadness

  2. I have been remiss. How often have you commented on my ideas and points of view? In return I have welcomed your comments on mine and seldom returned the favour. Can I now make amends by saying, sincerely, that your poem has now received my ultimate comment – “I wish I has written that.”

    1. Dear friend, my pursuit of blogs is independent of visitations on mine! I am quite like the bear who asked for a ‘venture’! As for that ultimate comment, I can see the poem has touched you, and that means so much more to me.

  3. This is a marvelous poem. I hadn’t realized you have been posting – it seems that for ages the email notification has failed. Sorry about that. I shall be going back and reading.

  4. Hello, old friend. I also have some ‘much-dreamt meadows’. This helped me weep out some tears that were stuck inside. I have not been able to find new words for a year. Perhaps it is time to get them written.
    Thank you.

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