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Fungus on the Filter

November 3, 2013


The opposite of time is memories. Memories, a span with no beginning, no end, no periods, only nebulous swaths of consciousness. Memories don’t tumble terminally like the sand in an hourglass. Or tick away with the finality of the arms of a clock: thud, thud, thud…. They are like the fungus on the filter of […]

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An Owl Reflects

October 23, 2012


I was born before I was born. All owls are. True to the species, my fate was chiseled on ancient rocks by comets hurled from alien space. No one could change it after that, not even God. Certainly not father. And every day before the sun rose in the eastern sky, my father’s pet clock […]

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A Tented Image

July 26, 2012


It was not many decades ago that I was shot but since I live to tell the tale, it is only fair to reveal  that the weapon of assault was a grumpy black box sporting a round lens on one end and a black tent on the other, mounted on wooden legs. Mistake me not; […]

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Mayan Ambition

June 19, 2012


Pharaohs had the vision to pile up the pyramids thousands of years ago.  Shah Jahan’s  flame of love bloomed out in Taj Mahal centuries back. Maya was moulding history at the dawn of the twenty-first century and the saga was far from over when she was plucked away from it. Her ambition was not small. […]

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The Joke is on Me!

February 27, 2011


The lady in the house has imposed a curfew on splurging. “No Dream Home, no Cream Machines!” She says. And the law is wrought in iron. You all know how wide open to interpretation a dream home is. It may mean a 27-story luxury mansion with 3 helipads on the top if you are an […]

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How to Hold an EVIL Camera!

January 13, 2011


Lets face it then, I am an ugly man. How ugly, you ask? Quiet. To make the matters worse I took a fancy to photographing people. Now, imagine yourself being photographed by a baboon that looks like a man! I’m sure you can’t summon your prettiest expression, no matter how ravishingly photogenic you are, in […]

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Empty Stomachs and 'Symbols of Change'

November 24, 2010


‘Superpower dreams cannot be sustained on empty stomachs.’ – Rahul Bajaj, when asked whether India is about to become a superpower.   If you don’t become a superpower on stomachs empty as dry wells, you don’t become a Pharaoh or a Cleopatra on skulls more hollow than rotten coconut shells.  Steering clear however of empty […]

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Of Nikon D7000, Films and Still Photography

November 6, 2010


Veils are off D7000, Nikon’s new baby which has supposedly put D90, the first ever DSLR to record HD video, behind the blinkers. Nikon appears to have run out of two digit D-X0 figures forcing them to fall back on the new D-XX00 naming mantra and it has further confounded many. There is no guarantee […]

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Who Switched to Nikon Now?

October 25, 2010


Creative chemicals are on high tides and they may just about break all embankments. For I can rarely envision my next post so close to the previous one and here I am hammering out the keyboard as if there’ll be no Internet tomorrow! After seething silently and simmering with consternation for a fortnight since the […]

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Fra Lippo Lippi

July 11, 2010


Yesternight, I was caught red-handed drooling at the Nikon photographic lens section of B&H Photo Video online store by the Moral Police, a.k.a., the wife. A chill befell freezing everything alive wherein the unasked questions hung in the mid air betwixt her eyeballs and mine: Why must I be a photographer, if it doesn’t earn […]

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Admin's Hubris

June 19, 2010


“Flaming (also known as bashing) is hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users” -Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia Recently, one of the myriads of non-descript crevices I keep drifting in on the net, ‘officially’ charged me with ‘flaming’ for a rather mundane discussion on competing models of Nikon and Canon cameras. Funnily though, the Original Poster […]

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Divorcing Canon

April 15, 2010


Not many moons ago, Ole Jørgen Liodden was an ace Canon photographer. Armed with his ‘tank’, a.k.a the EOS-1Ds Mark III, he scoured the Arctic permafrost for sparring polar bears. Quest for frolicking king penguins had him lying on his belly on icy South Georgia seashores. Lodged knee-deep in unforgiving snow, he stretched the autofocus […]

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