Who Switched to Nikon Now?

Creative chemicals are on high tides and they may just about break all embankments. For I can rarely envision my next post so close to the previous one and here I am hammering out the keyboard as if there’ll be no Internet tomorrow!

After seething silently and simmering with consternation for a fortnight since the Supreme Court magically transformed the coveted death of a putrid criminal to life, I forced myself to sit and type out ‘Death of Deterrence’. It was an arduous task and right from the onset I was skeptical of my capability of picking up the somber threads and weaving them into a worthwhile message. I obviously failed in my desperate enterprise if the sorriest traffic I ever received after a new post is anything to go by. Moral of the story? (1) I am disgusted enough already to put out a coherent, well meaning post; or (2) People are shocked enough already and they don’t want to be reminded of the grisly shades that our society has fallen to (the theory of denial, you see); or (3) both 1 and 2.

I can already hear the unasked question why am I not doing something which I do better, viz., taking a photograph or writing about the next top shooter who switched to Nikon?

Well, here is a good photograph that I took recently. Cheerful, isn’t it?

And David DuChemin is ditching Canon (the rhyme and alliteration are accidental). Even if he tells you that he is not a Canon Shooter or a Nikon Shooter. He is a photographer, that’s all. Brands don’t matter; photographs do. And even when he tells you he is keeping the Canon gear, he is switching to Nikon. Hair bristling details lie in what ‘sealed it’ for him: the vastly superior ‘ergonomics’, ‘focus’, ‘low noise in low light’, ‘looks’ of the photos  and so many ‘small things’ not so small.

The difference that a high quality gear makes is certainly beyond contests. One big reason why I never bother the camera on my Motorazr V8 is that if ever I get a good picture using it, I’ll kill myself cribbing why I was not there with my DSLR in the first place.  Of course I belong to the school of photography that believes in ‘when not to take a picture’!

Here is the complete thread of David DuChemin’s (ditching and switching) and I’m grateful to Nikon Rumors for the lead. I am already a fan of David’s India, Venice and other galleries. Hope you’ll enjoy his images more now that he’s adopted great gear. And like all inspiring photographers, David is a great teacher too.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and the kind words. But seriously? You hope people enjoy images MORE now that I’m using a different brand of camera? That’s just plain backwards and silly. My gear was fine before, even great, and for the immediate future I will keep using my Canon gear. These tools make my life easier, they don’t do much to make more compelling images. That’s in the eye and the heart and years of learning 🙂

  2. I’ve been following David’s work for a while now and completely agree with his comment that a brand change couldn’t simply make his fans (like yours truly) feel that is images have become MORE appealing.A while ago Scott Bourne switched from Canon to Nikon citing similar reasons (better focus, better lowlight performance etc.) and his images have been as good as they ever were. Being a Canon shooter I’ve to agree that the difference in performance in certain areas of the camera featureset are undeniable (kudos to Nikon) but not in the class of altering the photographer’s skillset or creative vision.

  3. Nice blog… Arrived at the correct time… Was just toying with the idea of buying a camera….

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