The Gunslinger Followeth

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” ~Stephen King In the darkness intervening the 25th and 26th of February, the Indian Air Force executed what is now known as the Balakot Strike, also alluded to as mass extermination of terrorists, damp squib, tree-slaughter and white lie by other players in […]

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Afterwards, I shall be a mote swirling at your window, Without a breath, or a heartbeat, ringing at your window. Noon has stumbled through the half-wicked buildings, Like a blemish upon the wooers singing at your window. Stinging are the curses that are uttered in the bazaar, For weaving the gossamer, now swinging at your […]

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1500. Reaching the pinnacle

Originally posted on Weave a Web:
? Bruce hadn’t achieved much in his life. There was one thing, however, he could do: he could be the first in the history of the world to climb one particular peak of the local mountain range. Reaching the top of this peak had been an insurmountable problem for…

Wet Charcoal

Each night I bleed a part of my soul to her beauty, Silken words awaken to fill up the hole to her beauty. A lone moon is treading forth the liminal dust of evening, The dying sun has hitched a veil of kohl to her beauty. Is that a beeline of suitors to the bounty […]

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The Icicled Bosom

Old lesions fester and seep in the cavern of tonight, Dark thoughts gather and weep in the cavern of tonight. A high wind is swaying the maimed tree of deodar, The parched lips of tippler look for tavern of tonight. Upturned chairs wait not for visitors in the café, The feast moved to your boudoir […]

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