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The Springtime Wind —A Translation

February 7, 2017


Basanti Hawa, or the ‘Springtime Wind’, was the first Hindi poem I fell in love with, early in my childhood. It is written by Kedarnath Agarwal, a much-awarded doyen of Hindi Literature. The poem captures the freshness, fullness and the very essence of the springtime wind with a rare joy and breathlessness, rendering it nearly […]

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The Cleaver of Oblivion

January 16, 2017


The Milky Way is dying, or is dead, by the lever of oblivion; A billion suns will be shattered by the cleaver of oblivion. I remember not the love songs lost or the updraughts of passion; Drowned in sea of disdain, I am a believer of oblivion. She will reap a million vows of my […]

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Malice of Zinfandel

January 7, 2017


Silver grey on temple peaks is the fern of the New Year. The sun has grown wrinkles at the turn of the New Year. Candlelit stilettos turned sherry red in a nightclub, Istanbul is freshly dug cavern of the New Year. Pack of wolves is mauling girls and women in squares, Honour is a bubble […]

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A Byte of Moonshine

July 10, 2016


  Sharpen now a crescent for the rite of moonshine, Bullets will not halt the flight of moonshine. Clouds germinate on the zephyrs from wet hills, The heart leaps windward with the kite of moonshine. I count my blessings over the timeline of Facebook Waiting in the tunnels for a byte of moonshine. You have […]

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A Dewdrop Ghazal

June 27, 2016


Get me worms of silk for the runes and a dewdrop, Seven folds of veil for a cocoon and a dewdrop. The mirror is in youth, and the jasmine in bloom, Smoky is the kohl like the moon in a dewdrop. Someone chiselled a solitaire on the finger of my beloved, I will dance with […]

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With the Cicadas

May 14, 2016


  The evening is long with shadows of the afternoon chopped and spent at the edges of green black leaves of pubescent jackfruit trees. With the cicadas I pause and creek. With the cicadas I smile and shrink. A blackbird took flight sideways in the ballooning miles of dirt, White blood dripped from the petiole […]

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The Song of Jar Jar Binks

May 5, 2013


I can smell the diction Taliban just beyond my window. I can hear the rat-a-tat of their words, its robotic monotony, flapping like dodo. Peeking out the pane, I see skyscrapers raised on cacophony of flakes and wafers; buzz and fuzz of tones, grating of sandpapers. Melody died, fell afoul of the tone deaf tribe, […]

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The Mourning Cat

July 21, 2012


All night long the cat has wailed Halting the darkness in its trails; I have groped and gulped water and peed, Turned and tossed in my bed and quailed. The kitten was young and its queries small, The wheels that rolled were a game after all. Did they yield food or did they shield death? […]

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Of Crows and Swans

June 10, 2012


  Tumbling tonight in tavernous treks, My breath reeking of Chenin Blanc, I have courage enough to read the blogs of whitest crows and blackest swans. “How to create a Facebook account,” He quipped to soak in a hundred stars, And nine hundred ardent followers who inhale deep the unlit cigars. “Look folks, a picture […]

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Gap-toothed Smile

June 3, 2012


In the recesses of the gap-toothed smile my tears are black. Pallid stars in the inky blue of a dying sky. A fly on the windshield of bliss wriggling in vacuum, Hanging still through swerves and sweeps of a listless drive. Burn it on a pile of logs when my face freezes in a grin, […]

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The Northern Planes

May 28, 2012


  The heat is baking the Northern Planes, Frankly, I am least worried, Father’s beyond all heat waves, Mother has receded into her ribs. The summers bring the mangoes too, They now grow on puny trees, Long gone are the tall dense ones That swayed with singeing winds in glee. They don’t make earthen pitchers […]

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Nor Sleep Nor Dream

March 19, 2012


I slept dreamless on a Sunday noon. Marooned on an isle of lifelessness, spurned by the mattress, night after night, battling slumber’s flight, it came as a boon. Life sits heavily on the chest; The incest with the inhaler brings no rest. The blue pill is not a friend to questions un-paused by a day’s […]

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