Burning Monsters


They are burning effigies, it’s that time of the season,
Ones in flesh and bones are hatching crimes of the season.

Bandits from the barrens decree beheading of the infidel,
And savour blinkered women over the wine of the season.

Mourners of the butchered light up candles in memoriam,
You who forgive the monsters, are the shrine of the season.

Trains howl and chatter past the cottage by the railways,
One of those once carried her to the slime of the season.

Uma, you have planted roses in upturned vessels of liquor,
Those buds will stink and welter in the prime of the season.


  1. wah….what expressions! ‘You who forgive the monsters, are the shrine of the season.’….this is the biggest crime….that expression….roses in upturned bottle of wine….superb.

  2. It is festive time and let us kill the fictional demons.
    It is too complicated ( and politically incorrect) to kill the real ones.
    Our hypocrisy lurks behind your beautiful composition.

  3. I loved this ghazal Uma Shankar. I have not the words to express my emotions.
    And people get swept away, stampeded in the rainy season ( recent unfortunate events in Mumbai monsoon)

  4. Ones in flesh and bones are hatching crimes of the season….beautifully expressed, as always.
    Waiting for an article on any current affair penned with poetic flair of your pen. I love those.

    1. Thank you for the belief in my pen, Alka. The affairs of our land have become too overwhelming. I plan to post twice in October, one of those might be just that.

  5. I think of when the huge Soviet Union banned Sibelius’ piece of music called “Finlandia” to be played. Eventually such works of art as your poem will drive the non-fictional monsters to their own beheading. This is a great and powerful ghazal, Uma.

    1. This night that draws in will engulf the planet eventually. I haven’t had the chance to listen to epoch making ‘Finlandia’ but the murmurs of protest must be heard whenever they come. Thanks for your kind words, Bruce. Hope the gods have been kind to you in your hunt for a new house.

  6. another ghazal from you Umashankar ji about monsters and crimes —and an eyewash beheading of them . The last couplet shows the helplesness of the writer. Touching and agonozing depicting the present scenario . I am unable to post a like as I am still unaware of the new procedure to be followed on IB –wish I could somehow enlighten myself on that as I plan to frequent IB once again
    thanks for this one on the contemporary scene

    1. Your encouragement here is more than what I wish for. Our helplessness is past the stage of paralysis and has entered the realms of coma.

      Indiblogger might have moved the cheese a bit yonder with the recent changes. I have noticed if you are clicking on the posts within ‘My Network’, the heart under the link gets activated and beats ever so softly, which when clicked once again turns into a ‘Like’! But as I have said above, recurring footfalls of my patrons is all that I seek.

    1. The hypocrisy in the face of bone-chilling crimes, random, premeditated or institutionalised, will be the nemesis of humanity. I am grateful to your French friend for the reading and feeling.

  7. There is a season for everything. Every generation has had their share of ‘monsters’. Nothing new under the sun. Thank you for this thoughts provoking powerful poem.

    1. Unfortunately, monsters have left irreparable holes in the fabric of humanity time after time, unless they were stamped out at the onset. But it is rarely done.

  8. I miss seeing new content here from you, so I was glad to see there were some pieces on your site that I had missed ^_^

    This is very strong, bringing up many emotions

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