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Unreliable Skunks

February 23, 2013


Having entered a phase of life where I tend to reflect more in retrospect than in prospect, it has dawned upon me why I’ve been in love with the character of Sherlock Holmes all these years. More than his prescient and incisive intelligence, I have been in awe of the acuity, precision and expanse of […]

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The Sense of an Ending – A Review

September 24, 2012


Unlike rolls of cinema, life that fades away into the past is not available for playback. Recollections are more a collage of overlapping images, colours fading into sepia, hues into grayscales, realities crisscrossing and blurring with wistful fiction. Like vignettes snatched from visions in a hypnogogic dream, memories ebb and surge, glisten and wane, change […]

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