Nor Sleep Nor Dream

March 19, 2012

Poems, Such is Life


I slept dreamless
on a Sunday noon.
on an isle of lifelessness,
spurned by the mattress,
night after night,
battling slumber’s flight,
it came as a boon.

Life sits heavily
on the chest;
The incest
with the inhaler brings no rest.
The blue pill is not a friend
to questions
un-paused by a day’s end,

The vial has no gel
for the grim answers
explored in dark tunnels.
The sun throws open
the tedium of life’s business.

The borrowed haze
of night’s crevices
thickens and turns cold.
Indeed, I grow old.

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I am just a watcher then. Sometimes I watch life. Sometimes I watch death. Many times I watch in between...

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48 Comments on “Nor Sleep Nor Dream”


    Beautifully written and a strong message about a person’s discomfort(my view).

  2. Giribala Says:

    Nice one!!! Now waiting for Suranga Date’s reply….

  3. Debajyoti Ghosh Says:

    indeed, we grow old.

  4. subhorup Says:

    Very interesting imagery. Is your blue pill the Matrix-wala blue or the diamond-shaped one? 🙂 Loved the poem.

  5. satish Says:

    Wonderful, really nice…

  6. magiceye Says:

    🙂 just one way way to get old!

  7. Saru (@SaruSinghal) Says:

    I think most of us feel what you wrote in the first paragraph. Loved these lines:

    “The borrowed haze
    of night’s crevices
    thickens and turns cold.
    Indeed, I grow old.”

    Wish I could write like this…:)

  8. suranga date (@ugich) Says:

    Sunk in a stupor
    agitated imbibing of
    sweet somethings,
    deep on a Sunday afternoon,
    trying and
    barely succeeding at
    rapid eye movement,
    ears trying to debit noise,
    as he floats
    in low energy states
    credited with alacrity
    to advancing Suns and Moons.

    Pharmacoepia admits defeat,
    a young blue
    miles away
    whacks a white with wood,
    up into the sky,
    as a portly man in red ,
    hands raised
    invokes the Lord.

    the weight
    is off the chest,
    inhalers exhale,
    blue pills shrivel in shame,
    the tunnel explodes into
    a shower of light,
    there are new and smart answers
    to grim questions.

    Step on the vial
    crush it to smithereens,
    glare at the Sun,
    smirk at the blue pill.

    Its time
    to get up and run.

    Getting old
    is not an option 🙂

  9. Rahul Says:

    Follow the advise of Suranga as getting old is not an option , Umashankar:)

  10. joshi daniel Says:

    journey of life 😉

  11. Harish G. Says:

    Wait for the dawn,
    tables will turn,
    you’ll have yourself,
    your youth as whole.

  12. Jyoti Mishra Says:

    very strong n intense expressions..
    each verse speaks volumes..

    with the inhaler brings no rest.
    The blue pill is not a friend
    to questions
    un-paused by a day’s end,..

    beautifully described the helplessness !!

  13. neloo maheshwari Says:

    life resembles one big compromise, KEEP ON WRITING,KEEP ON SHINING,KEEP ON SMILING….and dont ever lose that light in ur eyes…… u knw ur words ha ha ha….

  14. sudhagee Says:

    Such a rich metaphorical poem, Umashankar. I found myself kind of re-living it when I stayed back home from work today due to a bronchial attack. Sunday noon could well have been Tuesday noon. 🙂

  15. Leo Paw Says:

    Was it life that sat on the chest or was broncho-spasm? Whatever be it, it’s a beautiful poem.

  16. Jen Says:

    I’m on your blog the first time! This was so beautiful! I just knew there was something amiss and read between the weren’t too happy when you wrote this? But it is said so beautifully! Really 🙂

  17. mistral Says:

    Hmm..sounds too rich — in words, in imagery and in execution. Honey-coated indeed for popular consumption.

  18. inducares Says:

    A new day will dawn after the night & you will be energized once more….such is life-up & down;hot & cold.
    Am i trying to compete with you ?Not possible!!!!

  19. Piyush Verma Says:

    Beautifully written. Last para was loaded with superb imagery .

  20. zephyr Says:

    Trying to post comment as zephyr

  21. msbuzzz Says:

    That was just great 🙂 And i like that cute pic as well !!

  22. Ashwini Says:

    hmmm, life is pain 😦

  23. Nomad Says:

    That is beautiful. I discovered your blog only today, and now am reading old posts. Will take a few days to read all the things I want to read, I guess. Thank you, I am enjoying your writing.

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