To The Living


You want me to spread my heart on the bed,
It’s both broke and cold;
I watch my feet as I move ahead,
There are cadavers on the floor.

What is this they won’t let me peel?
A sheet, a grief or a shroud?
Who is this who sleeps so still
Heedless of lifeless crowd?

Lips that see and eyes that kiss
Are leaden and parched for soul,
Gales blow past without a hiss
And rivers can’t fill a hole.


  1. Your heart.

    Hold it
    Spread it,
    and warm within you,
    let the memories overtake
    beat by beat;
    Yours is not to dwell
    on hisses
    and gales
    and unpeelable
    troublesome layers
    and doubts..

    Its all about
    with gratitude
    the petal by petal
    of a fragrant family rose
    in the garden of your life
    and how
    it still is
    a part of the Earth
    on which you stand…

  2. deep.
    needs a couple of readings more for me to understand it fully. poetry is like that i guess especially those that are good
    liked the simplicity in the words of this poem and though pretty short one – must have very deep thoughts in it.

      1. i am sorry. i don’t know what to say.

        but now that i read the poem again, with this knowledge of your loss, i am seeing it in a completely different light

  3. Sometimes the hole just gapes at us … nothing can fill it because nothing or no one can ever replace someone we love in our lives. Very deeply touched by your words

    1. “लाजिम था की देखो मेरा रस्ता कोई दिन और
      तनहा गए क्यों अब रहो तनहा कोई दिन और ”

  4. The followers of Christ did not believe him. Judas even betrayed him. He rose on Easter. The apostles believed he was Jesus. But currently many think it is miracle.
    No one is lifeless. They want miracles. And the master will rise. Believe in him . . .

  5. What words! I have read them after such a longggggggggg time. Mr. Pandey, how come you are a banker! I am sure its art that satisfies your soul. I have subscribed your posts via email. I enjoyed coming to your blog. Looking forward to dig deep into your past posts and waiting fervently for the new ones.

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