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A Far Cry from Mr Darcy

May 24, 2013


The concluding part of ‘Never Forget a Ruby‘ As I stood stiff under a jet stream of water, the set of four faces kept throbbing in my head, they all saying something to my eyes squeezed shut. Hemant, Robin, Sonia, Ruby and a stab in my heart. I lathered myself like a soiled bedspread and […]

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A Polar Bear Remembers

May 19, 2013


‘There is nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before.’ ~ A Study in Scarlet Read the preceding part ‘The Man from Baker Street‘ here. The story begins here in ‘Never Forget a Ruby‘ ‘Yes, I am mad about books. And for a bookworm like me, it is sacrilege not to have […]

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The Man from Baker Street

May 17, 2013


(The story begins in ‘Never Forget a Ruby’ Read it here. ) I was about to begin hating ‘dodger blue’ cars for years to come but I didn’t know it then. It was morning still and we were swarming the porches of Tagore Block. The air was crisp, tinged with smoke from the bonfires of […]

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