1500. Reaching the pinnacle

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Bruce hadn’t achieved much in his life. There was one thing, however, he could do: he could be the first in the history of the world to climb one particular peak of the local mountain range. Reaching the top of this peak had been an insurmountable problem for many who had attempted it. Although few had died in the attempt, no one had arrived where apparently “no human had ever trod before”.

It wasn’t the most earth-shattering thing to do, but Bruce would attempt it come what may. At least to himself he would achieve something of note: a legend in his own mind.

He set out.

After many strenuous days, after falling rocks and slippery shingle slides, after warm days and freezing nights, after scratches and insect bites, after encountering inquisitive tourist parties and aspiring solo mountaineers, he had only a few feet left to go. He reached up…

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  1. 🙂
    Not a kind of post we see too often.
    (That ‘like’ below the post does not seem to be working for me. It’s been happening on a few blogs now. 😦 )

    Btw, has it not been a while since we saw a post by you, USP? Tell me it’s time for new year resolutions. 🙂

    Happy New 2019, USP.

    1. I have been out of the circuit of late, sorry about the like button. Here is wishing a Magical New Year of 2019 to you, Divya!

      And hey, thanks for the prodding. Lazarus is a-brooding.

  2. I was in shock, but now I doubt that Bruce retires from blogging for good. I hope he puts up a book. Would be so fun! Where are we going to hang out, Uma? So sad. I hope you start climbing up to the pinnacle soon …
    I have missed many of Bruce’s stories, so I can start catching up. Oh so sad.
    Hope you have a peaceful holidays, and the new 2019 is going to be good to you.

    1. You have put your finger at the heart of our cumulative sadness with the precision of an atomic clock! Where are we going to hang out, indeed? I have always relished the longer works of Bruce, and I shall be delighted infinitely to receive a book from him. But I am going to miss the fun and frolicking and the fantastical freedom of his blog for ever.

      Thanks for those kind words, Inese. Here is wishing a marvellous New Year to you in 2019.

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