A Sliver of Platinum

July 28, 2013

Such is Life


I have slipped into a nap on the turnpike, Faakir,
Send away the crowds, that I live still.

~Sudarshan Faakir

 I guess it is a pale shadow of the original. I have always had this problem with translations. But sometimes, no other words convey the mood, or if they are there, I fail to grab them in the right sequence.

 As some of you know, I’ve been bobbing in and out of a rabbit hole, a parallel universe of late. This other world is none other than my own muse I’ve been striving to sculpt with syllables and syntax.  My lot varies from day to day, and night to night. At times I grope in an endless mine; at times I squint in scintillating light. There are moments it gets dark, very dark, in the world out here. And then the sun rises with the promise of a workday to be slogged away at a grumpy desk at my office that keeps me fed. All I’ve been trying though in this big, tangled world, is to be a wisp of ripple in the river of dew. Or a blade of grass, stirring in a lisp of breeze.

 It has been quite around this corner of the web for the past two months, like a puny wharf, a mute witness to ships passing by to dreamy destinations. Like hopeful passengers, many provocations, many joys and many pains have lingered on to board boats of expressions. But, as to a fasting naga, I have refused to lend them a crumb or a morsel, leave alone a vessel.

 If you are reading this, I am grateful to you for that confidence in my pen, which alone has earned me a sliver of Platinum from Indian Top Blogs. Do read about it here, with the knowledge that it is but a reflection of love of my readers. Many thanks to you all!


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I am just a watcher then. Sometimes I watch life. Sometimes I watch death. Many times I watch in between...

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60 Comments on “A Sliver of Platinum”

  1. The Fool Says:

    Congrats Umashankar for one more validation of your writing prowess. I would love to see you crowned by Indiblogger and BlogAdda as well as the prince among Indian bloggers.


  2. themoonstone Says:

    Congrats US ! Always knew your capability, this is just reaffirming the same ! Keep writing !


  3. My Say Says:

    It is always great to see Diamond on Platinum and in deserving hand..for me .. as your fan,its a day to rejoice. Congratulations US ji !!! You are an inspiration as always 🙂


  4. subzeroricha Says:

    Congratulations! This time quite a few deserving ones made the list. I must say they have done a good job 🙂


  5. Jyoti Mishra Says:

    If anyone deserves that.. it’s You
    Congratulations Sir !!


  6. Corinne Rodrigues Says:

    Congratulations, Uma! You deserve this! 🙂


  7. Helena Fortissima Says:

    Hearty congratulations to you, my friend!! Well done!


  8. anupampatra Says:

    Wish you more laurels and much more love.
    Congratulations !!!


  9. Jas Says:

    Congratulations 🙂 and your writing prowess needs no introduction. Hope you achieve much more.


  10. ranjanashankar Says:

    Congratulations… and you deserve it!


  11. Aziz Ampanwala Says:

    I guess we are more thankful to you .. for writing those write ups and allowing us to read your creative stories and scribbles … Many congratulations you deserve every bit !!


  12. chaitanya Says:

    Congratulations! Hope work on your book is going well!


  13. nothingprofound Says:

    Uma, a prize well deserved. A fine incentive to spur you on as you spin your tales of gold..


  14. gc1963 Says:



  15. ilakshee Says:

    Congratulations!!! You have deserved every bit of it!


  16. remo1323 Says:

    Congratulations! Very well deserved recognition.


  17. dNambiar Says:

    Congratulations, USP!!! You totally deserve it.
    Two months? I’ve also been MIA for 2 months. So I didn’t miss much, eh? 🙂


  18. rajn isinha Says:

    Congratulations Umashankar ji —-I am a novice and too immature to comment on your writings but have always enjoyed reading your works and admired your style —congratulations once again


  19. Sharmila Says:

    Well deserved ! Congratulations!


  20. Samir Shyam Says:

    You are awesome, amazing and … and … your power of writting is worth recognition. I don’t have enough words to praise your writing. You are like a strong stone near a river which is getting shaped and developing brightness with each and every wave of the rushing waters of the life. Keep it up buddy. This is not the first jewel in your pocket……. there are many more to come.


  21. chsuresh63 Says:

    Awards validate some and some validate the awards when they are chosen recipients and you are of the latter. Congrats! And I am sure that the muse that drags you through dark tunnels and scintillating light will end up showing the readers the mother lode of gems.


    • umashankar Says:

      Trust me, Suresh, that is the mother of all compliments! I feel overwhelmed and short of syllables to thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear friend!


  22. purbaray Says:

    For most of us our Blog is a passion we nurture despite our crazy schedules and commitment. And appreciation like this gives impetus to write better!

    Congratulations, US! Enjoy your place under the sun.


  23. rajnisinha Says:

    congrats Umashankar ji —you’ve done it again—-INDIAN BLOGGER AWARDS —–congrats once again


  24. Shiju Sugunan Says:

    Congratulations Umashanker. Such joy to see a deserving winner.


  25. themoonstone Says:

    Congrats US ! Great to see your name on the Indian Blogger Awards ! Richly deserved !!


  26. Rum Punch Drunk Says:

    A massive congratulations Umashankar. What an achievement to get on that list, you must feel so proud and you deserve it plus much more. You’ve worked very hard on this blog and now is pay-day. Well done mate 🙂


  27. jerseylil Says:

    Umashankar, your Platinum Ranking is well deserved! Congratulations to you, my friend!

    I love the way you use words. “…to be a wisp of breeze on a river of grass. Or a blade of grass, stirring in a lisp of breeze.” Love the image that conveys. Keep writing! 🙂


  28. Subroto Says:

    Congratulations. It’s well deserved and probably beyond Platinum too. I do wonder where my mud award is?


    • umashankar Says:

      Subroto, Internet is surely the place where what you get is mostly mud. But we all know the gem when we see it. You are more of a gem when we see it. Many thanks for that.


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