The morning is pearly gray. I see the rain falling in symmetrical lines every time I look out. I don’t go to work. I tell someone I want to be on a beach watching the sea. Naturally, there are many questions.

In the rain?

Watch the sea?

Have I tripped over?

I have answers to none.

I find a place among the sand, seashells and stones. Palms above echo the wet  listlessness of the day. I stare long into the sea and the endlessness overwhelms the cognition. Is this the expanse of the agony?  A yearning, which cannot even murmur as it swells up, knocks its head at the walls of existence and recedes to gather again.

Someday, the sea will dry away leaving behind an unfathomable void. Will that be worse than the pain?

I walk a long distance in the wet sand and look for the footprints as I return.  There are none, to be sure.  It is time to return.


  1. The waves are supposed to be ceaseless.but if they do cease, the void would be calm. So the pain would cease. Do not despair, friend!

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