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Why Did the Chicken Write a Blog?

January 21, 2017


ARNAB GOSWAMI: Can you tell this, on this channel, right in front of all of us: why can’t the chicken write a blog? The nation wants to know. RAHUL GANDHI: The chicken has written the biggest blog since Independence and is now running away from debate. If it allows me to post a comment, there […]

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The Orb of Hereafter

January 14, 2017


About a week shy of the onset of the New Year, I presumptuously augmented the copyright notice at my blog to 2017. Don’t mistake me, I have long stopped caring about the trolls looking forward to plagiarizing my mumbling —anyone with an ounce of gumption would rather honk his or her own larynx. Perhaps my […]

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Nightfall of Blogging

June 3, 2016


As the nightfall of blogging closes in on me, I am more inclined to exhaling in private than gasping online, more willing to navigate through the bushes and backwaters than honking in the perpetual crescendo of the world wide web. The Internet of Things has taken over, but I am the prodigal come home to […]

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The Silence of the Scrolls

August 30, 2015


It’s been a while since the nightingales sang in the darkness, fidgeting on boughs swaying in the night-wind. It’s been a while since the fingers splattered on the keyboard like an impromptu rain. There is this dike thin as rice paper, holding back rivulets of waste and repentance that I dare not let loose on […]

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Shakespeare’s Email

April 6, 2014



‘The evening is still, the birds silent, the wind dead like a tramp, flopped on a footpath. The sky is dressed in dust and dusk.’ (From my short story: End of Dusk) I look at my face in the mirror and a dung-cake with a frog at its centre for a nose stares back. It […]

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Diamonds in the Detritus

December 22, 2013


I remember how in my childhood time was like a river of molasses where I’d twiddle my thumbs like a noonday fly waiting for my father to return with the promised goodies. Waiting for the monthly issues of comics was a lingering torment -the dates stood motionless like banyan trees, weeks seemed impenetrable like the […]

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Breeze on the Grass

May 31, 2013


“The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamouring to become visible.” ~Vladimir Nabakov My dear readers, we have been together these past years. I have known the unwavering love of some of you who have stood by me through the thick […]

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Sam Was Sad

May 1, 2013


It was a sultry summer morning when I first met Sam twenty five years ago. My roommate was groveling for an omelet, sprawled in his bed. He had been missing his turn at cooking breakfast for the fourth day in a row. ‘I swear I’ll take over tomorrow.’ I hate the promise of tomorrows. Ask […]

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A Mélange of Monologues

April 13, 2013


I was young when my family pulled out of a city to the backwaters of the country. Of the many heartbreaks I weathered, the loss of my small book club was the most debilitating. The civilisation I was uprooted from seemed oceans away. Children of the jungle had heard neither of Enid nor Blyton; Tintin […]

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Cold Cross Buns

March 3, 2013


“Hot-cross buns! Hot-cross buns! One a penny, two a penny, Hot-cross buns! If you have no daughters, Give them to your sons; One a penny, two a penny, Hot-cross buns!” ~ A popular Nursery Rhyme  All right, then! You are all going to hate me more now! Dear bloggers, it could be one of my […]

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From Privet Drive to Diagon Alley

June 24, 2012


In a shrewd move of one-upmanship in keeping with the indomitable Indian spirit, I have decided to write a flawsome post, realizing how folks have been writing awesome posts all over the Internet. What is so God-forsakenly flawsome about it, do you ask? Many things, I’d insist. First, the title sounds so intriguing! I like […]

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