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Mayan Ambition

June 19, 2012


Pharaohs had the vision to pile up the pyramids thousands of years ago.  Shah Jahan’s  flame of love bloomed out in Taj Mahal centuries back. Maya was molding history at the dawn of the twenty-first century and the saga was far from over when she was plucked away from it. Her ambition was not small. […]

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Empty Stomachs and 'Symbols of Change'

November 24, 2010


‘Superpower dreams cannot be sustained on empty stomachs.’ – Rahul Bajaj, when asked whether India is about to become a superpower.   If you don’t become a superpower on stomachs empty as dry wells, you don’t become a Pharaoh or a Cleopatra on skulls more hollow than rotten coconut shells.  Steering clear however of empty […]

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