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A Holus-Bolus Odyssey

May 13, 2017


The page remained unblemished across the night, waiting for letters. But then why sniffle a haiku When one can weep a sea? The peepal tree has a new, green sheath. It shimmers and quivers in the barely felt breeze. Everywhere around it is nothing but baked dust, caked fields, and brittle blades of what once […]

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An Open Puzzle to Haiku Writers

January 22, 2016


Rose gold iPhone Fingerprints of feather Haiku they wrote.  The bowels jettison Smokes of pot noodle Dawn, noon and dusk.  Grumbling in the groin The brooding, wet cistern Agrees and sprays.  Young eves frolic In the pale light of the beach My prostrate is misshapen.  Base notes of cacti Fused with camel dung Oil has […]

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