A Leader Passes Away

(Arun Jaitley: 1952⁠—2019)


The flag is at half-mast, a gloom shrouds the chancel of the land;
The one who hugged oblivion was once the counsel of the land.

Soft spoken, discreet, a maven of silken-tongued satires,
Unmasked and foxed were many a weasel of the land.

The epic ends here; the music ceases: a titan is silent.
Hold back the chorus in the fervent farewell of the land.

Trees thrum with birds, birds with birdsong. Flowers bloom.
Humans blather and bluster, benight the shell of the land.

Some shoot with fatwas, some shoot with guns. Minions
fall like ninepins from the bustling carousel of the land.

Uma, come and sip hooch laced with bile of lizards,
As crooked of the state splurge on Zinfandel of the land.


    1. Now that your remind me of her, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley were just about the most majestic statesmen this country had. The vacuum created by their untimely departures is interminable.

  1. Beautiful tribute, Uma. It is sad when a good man dies, but it seems that Arun Jaitley was a man whose death left a void which cannot be filled. I am so very sorry.

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